A Partner for All

Your Creative Needs.

When you partner with HMI, no project is too simple or too complex. As a family-owned business in operation since 1928, we appreciate the value of relationships and offer one of kind solutions to meet all your needs.

Bricks & Pavers

Engraved bricks and pavers are a great option for donor recognition, fundraising, and a more cost-effective option compared to larger plaques/signage. For over 90 years HMI has partnered with schools, churches, universities, fraternities/sororities, and other groups to help recognize members with bricks and pavers. HMI engraves bricks, limestone, granite, and marble and has the ability to engrave names, logos, and other artwork. Engraved bricks and pavers are a long-term solution and a great investment for you or your business.

4×8 Text Only Brick

4×8 Clipart/Logo Brick

4×8 Custom Brick

8X8 Text Only Brick

8×8 Clipart/Logo Brick

8×8 Custom Brick


Plaques are an elegant and timeless option used to display lettering and artwork. HMI has the unique ability to supply all plaque needs within any budget. With access to the highest quality limestone, granite and marble we are able to engrave letters and emblems. HMI also offers cast bronze and aluminum in a variety of sizes and colors. Along with supplying plaques, HMI can also handle your installation needs. With over 90 years of experience, HMI has installed plaques in churches, schools, and parks for nearly a decade. 

Cast & Precision Tooled Plaques

  • Bronze, brass, or aluminum
  • 11 finish options
  • Earth-friendly lead and mercury-free alloys
  • Integrated custom logos, emblems, and portraits

Etched Plaques

  • Brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, or aluminum
  • Earth-friendly lead and mercury-free alloys
  • Recessed and raised graphics
  • Line art or photo halftone images

ADA & Wayfinding

  • Aluminum, bronze, or brass
  • All-metal, one-piece construction
  • No chipping, cracking, or loose beads
  • Custom shapes and full-color capability


Signs are a great way to brand and advertise your organization. HMI has all the tools you need to create a sign that will stand out with quality and style. Our team works with you every step of the way to ensure we create a sign that will attract your target audience and keep them coming back for years to come. With stone carving as the bedrock of who HMI is, we also bring the ability to offer one of kind designs chiseled, carved, and crafted out of the highest quality materials that are built to last.







  • Park Monuments
  • Military Memorials
  • Stone Benches
  • Corporate Awards
  • First Responder Memorials

Civic Monuments

Creating a Civic Monument with HMI memorializes people, events, and achievements. HMI uses only the highest quality stone, bronze, and other design elements to craft memorials that will last. HMI has worked with branches of the military, universities, churches, hospitals, and many other groups to make their visions into reality. Our team can design memorials that fit any budget while never sacrificing quality. HMI has the unique ability to design, create and install all of our work. When partnering with HMI you are creating a piece of art that will last and honor all who are associated with your project.

Sculpt Your Story Into Stone